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Skin care tips

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“Will you still love me when I am no longer young and beautiful?” – Lana Del Ray sings. If you’ve already reached 25, you know what Lana is talking. Every woman wants to be beautiful and to remain young. But the fact is that biological clocks tick, we are getting older, and our skin gets older as well. Unfortunately, people have not invented a cure for aging. Still, some tips can freeze this process. What are these tips?


Choose them wisely. Do not by products containing SD-40, isopropyl alcohol. Read the instructions carefully and pay attention to the lifetime of a product.


If we want our skin to look fresh and young, we have to avoid dryness. Moisturize your skin every day. Make sure you use moisturizing creams after the shower. By the way, did you know your hands are indicators of aging? Take care of them as well.

Wrinkle Eraser

If you want to save your skin young, do not forget about wrinkle eraser. It helps to improve skin texture and to minimize the risk of lines. Remember, retinol is the best for you if you are looking for a potent anti-ager.


If you do not see any need in using scrubs, you better start from now. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells that can lead to a dull appearance.

DIY Scrubs

These scrubs are good for your skin as well. Mix a quarter cup of olive oil with a teaspoon of brown sugar to make a home-scrub for dry skin.


If you have some scars or marks, use a sunblock to protect them from getting darker. Furthermore, use scar-minimizing lotions to repair your skin.


It is a helpful tool to balance pH levels in your skin. Still, try to avoid products that contain alcohol, fragrance, citrus, menthol, color, and other aggressive extracts.


Use sulfate-free body washes for sensitive skin because sulfates will make your skin dry.


Did you know that people with light-colored eyes are very sensitive to light? Still, if your eyes are of brown color, you have to hide them from direct sunlight as well.


You have to clean your sweep with shampoo once a month because we do not need bacteria that can cause break out.

Dry Brush

It will help to increase your circulation, lightly exfoliate your body and make your skin smooth.


You have to test all the products you use. Apply it on your wrists 24 hours before using it. If you have sensitive skin, you have to follow this rule carefully.


Our eyes show the first signs of aging as the skin around them is thin. Even if you have not reached 25, take care of your eyes. It will be helpful for you in future.


Lips have nearly no protection against the environment. That is why do not forget to use lip balms and SPF creams.


If you still can not find a reason to start doing exercises, we have got at least one to share with you. Exercises increase blood flow that gives your skin a healthy glow look. Furthermore, it helps to clear your body from toxins that can be a reason for premature aging.


Sweat helps our bodies to core temperature down, but at the same time, it can irritate our skin. As we do not need breakouts, it is better to use a body wash that contains salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.

Big Z’s

Sleep, sleep, and sleep. Make sure you have enough time for rest. Otherwise, stress caused by sleep deficit will make your skin look dull. Furthermore, hit the sheets backside if you want to minimize the risk of deep-set wrinkles.


Take care of your pH level. You have to drink a lot of water every day. Furthermore, use products that contain sodium hyaluronate to hydrate your skin properly.

Low temperatures

Tired of bags and panda eyes? Use cool tools to make your eyes look young and fresh. 5 minutes a day is enough. It is a very helpful method for all those who want to avoid swelling and puffiness.


Yes, you know that smoking is bad for you. But did you know that second-hand smoking is harmful to you and your skin? Try to avoid smoking areas if you do not want to speed up the aging process.


Try to avoid alcohol. This easy step for the benefit of health will make your skin look much better.


If you have dry skin, caffeine is not good for you. Replace it with some water, juices and fruits. Your skin will be thankful to you.

Junk food

Yes, you are right! You do not need it at all. If you want your skin to look fresh and young, if you do not want to see acne on your skin, just forget about eating junk food!


We need antioxidants to make our skin blemish-free. Where can we find them? Spinach and arugula are packed with it! Help yourself to greens, and you will improve the complexion of your skin.

Milk Bath

Milk is a natural skin softener. You can add a few cups to your bath and enjoy it healthily and with pleasure. To kill germs, you can add a couple of teaspoons of honey as well.

Hair products

Cover your face when you are applying hairsprays to protect your skin. We do not need any hair products on the face.


Carrots, tomatoes, avocado, lemon, and other fruits and vegetables are a vitamin bust for your skin. Try to eat as much raw food as you can. It is magnificent for your health, your body and your skin.


Salmon, herring, trout contain oils that reduce risks of inflammation. Furthermore, Omega-3 fats will help to smooth your skin.


To prevent premature aging, you can choose products containing antioxidants, such as green tea. Vitamin C is good for your skin as well.


Circular motions will help you to stimulate blood circulation. Do it before applying your eye cream to reduce fluid retention.


It sounds a little bit weird, but if you want to avoid rashes, you have to use antibacterial wipes to remove dirt from your phone. If you use it every day (and you probably do), it has to be clean.

Keep hands out of face

You do not need dirt or bacteria, so try to do your best to keep your hands out of your face. We know it is not an easy task. Still, try to control yourself.

Add a little bit of joy

There is a connection between your body and your emotional well-being. Let yourself enjoy all the procedures: whether it is manicure, haircut or massage. Let yourself be pampered!


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