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How to keep your dog’s coat beautiful and healthy

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Loving your pet means taking care of it. We hope you really enjoy these 5 essential tips about your hamster. Are you familiarise with red eye hamster ? Petrprioirty has a lot of great information about them and offer some great tips as these. Thanks for reading and feel free to read any of our contents that may intrigue you. Thanks to some precautions, our dog will have a shiny , florid and well-groomed coat. The difficulty in keeping a dog’s coat beautiful and healthy depends on the breed, age and health conditions of the dog . Even our four-legged friend’s fur needs attention and love. Our dog will be able to show off a coat that excels in softness and color, as well as being soft to the touch. But do we really know how to do it? Let’s find out together.

The game: a tool to grow

Just as with children, play is an essential aspect of growth for pets too  , especially for dogs. In fact, with it they grow stronger, learn to socialize with their own kind and masters, learn how to manage emotions. The protagonists of playful moments are often gadgets for dogs , functional to stimulate the animal’s curiosity and to entice him to discover the activities that can be performed with them.

What games you can play with your dog is determined by the space available: it is clear that different occupations will take place outdoors and inside a house, and the dog must also have this aspect very clear, in order to avoid unwanted disasters.

Now that it’s hot it is advisable to choose the most suitable moment to not make him suffer too much heat, even if with a nice bandana collar the problem can be solved quickly. In fact, this accessory helps to prevent the animal from getting heat strokes, helping to give it a feeling of freshness.

At the park the most popular and fun games are tug of war , for which you simply need a rope , functional to exercise the dog’s reflexes through feints and changes of direction. Contrary to what many believe, this type of activity does not contribute to making the dog aggressive, on the contrary the specimens that perform it are judged more obedient and self-confident, as well as happy.

The game of fetch is a great classic : with the help of a ball, a stick or a Frisbee , the animal is stimulated to return the thrown object to the master. At first he probably won’t understand that he will have to bring it back, however it will be enough to promise him a prize, food or emotional, and in an instant he will be able to understand the rules of the game, so much so that in the end he will even become enthusiastic about an automatic ball shooter .

2/9 Required

  • Glass of apple cider vinegar
  • A teaspoon of olive oil

3/9 – Take the dog to the numerous specialized centres

There are numerous centers that specialize in the care of the skin and coat of dogs . Even some veterinary clinics provide grooming services and special treatments, as well as diagnosis and therapy for any pathologies that prevent the luxuriant growth of the dog’s coat. Periodic control by a specialist is good practice for anyone who wants to ensure good health for their dog.

4/9 – Brushing

Brushing  in addition to giving pleasure to the dog, keeps its coat clean. Done constantly, it eliminates superfluous hair and the dirt that lurks between them. The frequency depends on the type of coat of the dog. Long-haired dog breeds require a thorough brushing twice a week. On the other hand, once a week is sufficient for other dog breeds. Being a practice very welcome by the dog, it’s not a problem to do it more often. The hair is not damaged at all, on the contrary it benefits further.

5/9 – Use mild soaps

Often the dog can give off unpleasant odors. They come right from the hair of the dog. For this reason we must pay particular attention to the smell that the dog’s coat gives off. The bad smell is undoubtedly caused by the nesting of bacteria and dirt between the skin and the dog’s coat. There is a remedy for this too, the bath. Some dogs hate bathing, others participate with immense pleasure. It is essential to accustom the dog to periodic washing. Above all to ensure greater well-being for the dog. For the dog’s bath we can use delicate soaps suitable for the skin, under the advice of a veterinary expert, or natural detergents. For example, add a glass of vinegar to the water in the basinof Apple. Vinegar has a dual function: it makes the hair perfumed and keeps away flies and insects. This method is especially effective in the summer.

6/9 – Correct feeding of the dog

We pay particular attention to feeding our dog. The dog’s diet must be correct and balanced in order to obtain a beautiful and healthy coat. We give the dog food rich in protein and fatty acids which provide strength and shine to the dog’s coat, mainly made up of proteins . Here too we can intervene with a natural and home remedy. We add a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil to the dog’s bowl by mixing it with the dry or wet food.

7/9 – Health affects mood

Your dog’s health greatly affects his mood and happiness. As we have seen so far, the treatments are essential and simple, very little is needed. If we make him feel good, the dog will be grateful and will fill us with attention and affection.

8/9 Nutrition and rest: fundamental factors

It is true that to take care of a pet it is not enough to simply feed it, but its well-being starts from nutrition : to grow strong and healthy and have the energy to carry on with daily activities, animals must take the right quantities of nutrients and vitamins. In this way they will be protected from any diseases or possible infections, arriving at having an effective immune system.

Hydration also falls under this spectrum : the water in your personalized bowl it must be changed frequently, so that it is always clean and drinkable, especially now that it is summer and animals, just like humans, have a greater need for it. Also be careful not to keep it exposed to the sun’s rays. Nutrition is not enough to help recover lost energy: this must be accompanied by adequate rest , especially if during the day there were lively activities and intense gaming sessions. To allow him to have a good night’s sleep, you need the right kennel or the right shelter, so as to give him restful sleep at the right point.

Establish rules and limits

Before playing and engaging in activities with your pet, you need to be able to provide him with the right education  from his early years of life. In these situations, the puppies must be able to learn and respect certain rules, obeying the orders given. To achieve the objectives it can be effective to offer the animal a positive reinforcement : in simple terms it means paying him a reward for every good deed performed or for having complied with a given command. The important thing is never to resort to violence when starting to educate an animal, otherwise the risk is to lose its trust and induce it to adopt an aggressive attitude.

9/9 Advice

  • For the cleaning of the dog, let’s go to equipped and specialized centres
  • We provide the dog with food rich in proteins and fatty acids