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How to Select an Anti-Aging Cream

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Experts are unanimous in their opinion that from the age of 25, chronological aging processes start in the skin. Therefore, from about 25-28 years old, it is advisable to start using light anti-aging creams like Penebella New Bakuchiol Face Moisturizer intended for skin with the first signs of fading.

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Experts do not consider the age of the patient to be the primary guideline in the selection of anti-aging agents.

The concept of “anti-aging ingredient” is very conditional. One way or another, the action of creams marked “30+”, “45+” will be used for solving specific problems (nourishing, moisturizing, brightening or strengthening the skin). Penebella New Lift & Firm Anti Aging Face will solve all these problems.

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If a woman is 45-50 years old with severe rosacea, of course, you need a cream with assets that will strengthen the vascular wall (rutin, vitamin C). And in this case, we are not talking about the anti-aging effect.

Consider the skin type

To select a product that have a specific active ingredient like Penebella New Anti Aging Eye Cream (and concentration of ingredients), the cosmetologist evaluates a number of factors. “It is important for a doctor to understand the functional type of skin (dry, normal, oily, combination), the level of tone and moisture, the depth of wrinkles, the presence of pigment and vascular elements. For example, products with hyaluronic acid are important for dry skin, and products with retinol and regulatory peptides are important for oily aging skin.

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Lucky men

Men are lucky – age-related changes on their skin are less pronounced. Age is given out only by wrinkles, sometimes quite noticeable that can be easily removed with the help of Penebella Mens Face Moisturizer Cream. Men have higher levels of collagen and elastin, and hence the density of the skin and subcutaneous fat, which seems to women a monstrous injustice.

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