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How to Store Jewelry at Home

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A beautiful and convenient jewelry box provides storage, protection from the sun, dust, moisture. Such a stylish accessory will find a place in every home. Caskets or jewelry cases protect products from moisture, light, and temperature fluctuations. Pay attention to the products from SONGMICS. Such caskets can become a real decoration of the dressing table and will bring sincere joy to any representative of the fair sex.

Wood is an environmentally friendly material, an excellent base for a jewelry box. Factory products are already coming along with tabs for jewelry.

rings in jewerly box
Photo by Simran Sood on Unsplash

A stylish, comfortable solid wood, or plastic, or other durable material jewelry box will allow you to store all jewelry in one place and ensure their integrity and safety. In two wooden levels with separate cells, it will be possible to find a place for all products and jewelry: wedding rings, earrings, jewelry, bracelets, chains, wristwatches, cufflinks, pendants, necklaces.

The jewelry box provides a neat organization of your jewelry: the box is equipped with convenient compartments for careful and comfortable storage of rings, chains, pendants..

The compact size and high–quality accessories of the jewelry box are the optimal solution for storing jewelry on a trip or at home.

unique jewerly box
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And what’s inside?

The inner surface of the casket and its compartments are usually lined with fabric. For example, cotton, velour or velvet protects items from scratches in the Songmics jewelry box. The denser the material, the better it is for jewelry – thereby eliminating the possibility of shifting and damaging pieces when shaking or moving the box.

Removable trays and pull-out compartments are a big plus. Placing rings between the rollers is a good way to avoid scratches, hooks for hanging jewelry are needed to prevent creases.