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Let’s talk about intimate whitening

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Darkening around the genital and anal area is known as hyperpigmentation. It usually appears over the years or results from hormonal problems, pregnancy, aggressive depilatory processes, or a high predisposition to skin pigmentation.


Although it is not a health problem, many people do not like the appearance of hyperpigmentation at an aesthetic level, and it is a problem for their quality of life as it impacts their image. This is where bleaching of the intimate parts comes in, a process that manages to eliminate excess pigmentation and restore a much lighter color to the genital area.

What does intimate parts whitening consist of?


The intimate bleaching part is a process that is applied to the skin of the vulva and pubis and can also be applied in the perianal area. There are several methods to eliminate excess pigmentation and make the genitals look younger, but the treatment best positioned due to the results achieved is the vaginal laser.


The idea behind this treatment is to unify as much as possible the skin tone of the genitals with the rest of the torso. Through the application of the laser, the superficial layers of skin, which are usually the darkest, are eliminated and combined with the action of depigmenting agents that penetrate the deeper layers.


On the other hand, there are alternative methods to the vaginal laser, although it is worth mentioning that this has obtained the best results in the various studies on the subject. Among them, we can find masks with lifting and rejuvenating effects or whitening creams.


In any case, depending on the pigmentation of the patient, the type of skin, or the care given over the years, the hyperpigmentation problem may reappear, and the treatment may have to be reapplied to restore the pink color.

Why does depigmentation of the genital area occur?


USmallsmall impulses, you will be able to improve vulvar aesthetics from the first session and significantly reduce the level of coloration of the area. It accelerates a process that, with other techniques, such as depigmentation creams, would take months of treatment and side effects, such as adverse reactions, such as stinging or burning.


Each session lasts between 20-30 minutes approximately. You will see the effectiveness of the treatment from the first session. Depending on the degree of pigmentation, specialists recommend two or three sessions, with one session every month and a half or two months.


You can perform this whitening treatment in your intimate area in any of our centers in Madrid and with the most competitive price in the market.


The session includes everything necessary for the treatment:


  • The evaluation consultation with the medical team

  • Application of the treatment in the recommended sessions

  • Review consultation

  • Genital whitening results:

  • You will achieve progressive whitening and discoloration of the vulva.

  • Improvement of intimate relations.

  • Effective and painless.

Intimate bleaching without laser


The intimate whitening cream is specially designed to lighten the intimate parts of the body. Combining biotechnological peptides and plant substances whitens and nourishes intensely pigmented genital and anal areas.


The correction mainly focuses on pigmented areas: the vagina, labia skin, anus, armpits, nipples, penis, and scrotum in men.


Thanks to the exceptional active ingredients of the whitening cream, with regular use, the pigmented areas gradually fade as the skin regains its healthy appearance.


INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Before using this product, cleanse the intimate areas and then dry the skin. Apply a thin layer of the whitening cream to the surface you wish to fade. Make sure the product is absorbed before dressing or using another product. Apply the product twice daily for at least two months for a visible effect.

Ingredients you can find in some intimate whitening creams


 The spigment-whiteningated peptide has a more intense pigment-whitening activity than other cosmetic products. Blocking tyrosinase activity prevents pigment formation. Examination of the morphology of Melanocyte cells showed that in cells treated with this active substance, the size of Melanosomes containing melanin decreased significantly.


Boerhavia diffusa extract comes from a plant native to the Himalayas, rich in boera none, an active ingredient that bleaches pigments. In vitro, studies have shown that after only nine days, the enzyme tyrosinase required for melanin formation was reduced by 55%.


The product contains added panthenol (provitamin B5), vitamin E, and marigold extract. Panthenol (provitamin B5) is anti-inflammatory and soothes the skin, while vitamin E contributes to maintaining healthy skin. Calendula (Calendula ) is a versatile herb whose active substances have anti-inflammatory, healing, and soothing effects.