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Pet Skin Care: 10 Tips Before You Go to Mall or Salon (Dog and Cat)

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There are many myths surrounding the care of dogs and cats, but there are some that can be harmful – dog poop mucus casing –   to them, so we talk a little about inappropriate skin care for pets.

Very few people realize that the pet’s skin is the largest organ in the body . This is responsible for protecting its delicate internal structure, in addition to insulating it from weather conditions, therefore it is important to keep it healthy.

Things you should not do when caring for your pet’s skin

  • Something that people usually do is not dry the dog properly. When you bathe your dog, you need to make sure that his inner fur dries well, otherwise excess moisture can generate fungus on the skin or bad odor.
  • Not using special products for dogs is another common mistake that some caregivers make, and this can lead to problems for them. The dog’s skin has almost no sweat glands, but they have glands that produce an oil that must be removed from time to time, but also specialized products stimulate the glands so that they do not produce so much of this fat, which is what it is The bad smell.
  • Bathing the dog too often can lead to overstimulation of sebum production, which will mean more bad smell. It is recommended to bathe them once a month. It is better to brush it off and use dry bath powder.
  • Cats and dogs should brush often , but sometimes caregivers do it suddenly, especially when the hair gets tangled and generates, in addition to pain, that the pet is afraid to brush.
  • Use a different product than usual. Dog skin is very sensitive and using products other than the ones you always use can cause a rash.
  • If your pet is a hairless breed, it is best to apply sunscreen. The sun can cause sores and burns on the skin, as it is fully exposed.

Wash and bathe the dog – why and how often?

Washing your dog regularly is important for his well-being. Skin and coat problems are a common reason for having to go to the vet. Good dog care is therefore a good way to prevent fur problems – and avoid veterinary visits. When you wash your dog, you also have a perfect opportunity to check the coat for skin problems, ticks, vermin , lice and other nasties!

Does the dog smell a bit… dog?

The fact that your dog sometimes “smells like a dog” is due to the sebum it produces. How much it smells varies between different breeds. If it smells unusual, it could be a sign of a skin problem. Then it may need to be treated by a veterinarian. The easiest way to prevent it is to wash your dog.

How often should I wash my dog?

Sometimes the dog needs to be showered or bathed because it has become dirty outside. This can lead to more washes than planned. But how often is too often? It differs between different dogs. A sensitive dog with allergies needs to be bathed as often as every 7 or 14 days. Dogs with oily or greasy fur need to be washed more often than those with thin or dry fur.

A more general tip is once a month. Many say different here, but the important thing is to find a good balance. Washing too often can cause the coat to become dry and irritated.

Tip! Sometimes brushing can be an alternative to showering or bathing, especially for dogs with thick fur. The dog’s coat then becomes clean and fine from the brushing, without coming into contact with water that dries it out.

What you absolutely need for the dog salon at home:

  • Towels.
  • Brushes.
  • Underlay (if the dog is at risk of slipping or standing awkwardly).
  • Dog-friendly cleaning products, such as dog shampoo and dog conditioner.
  • A good place to do it, like in the bathroom or in the garden.

Tip! Have all products in close proximity to the dog salon. Then it goes more smoothly and saves both you and your dog’s patience.

Choose the right shampoo for your dog

Do you have a good place for dog care at home?

A dog salon is a place where you have everything you need for your dog care. Having the right stuff is important, but it’s also important to have a place to do it. It can get wet, really wet. The dog’s fur collects a lot of water, which easily ends up everywhere. Also, wet dogs like to shake off the water in their fur, no matter where they are. That’s why it’s good to have plenty of space – or do it outdoors.

10 steps for a regular dog salon

1 .Brush your dog’s fur before bathing or showering it.
2 . Make sure that it is not slippery under the paws, so that your dog does not slip or is uncomfortable.
3 . Check the water temperature before you start – lukewarm is best!
4 . Wet the entire coat before shampooing.
5 . Massage the shampoo in calmly and methodically, starting from the back – tail first, head last. Beware of eyes and ears – soap in the eyes is just as unpleasant for dogs as it is for people, and the ears are sensitive. If your dog seems worried about his ears, stuff cotton balls to keep the water out.
6 . Let the dog shampoo sit for around 10 minutes (it’s fine to go for a short walk in the meantime).
7 . Rinse the shampoo thoroughly so that it does not remain.
8 . Dry the coat with a towel (possibly a hair dryer if you are careful with the heat). Not clean? If your dog is very dirty, you may need to shampoo and dry twice.
9 .bIn addition to the usual washing, it is good to occasionally clean the dog’s ears and eyes with suitable dog products.
10 . Reward your dog with treats or something similar that makes cleaning a more enjoyable experience.

The dog salon not a success with your dog?

Take it step by step if it is difficult at first. A first step could, for example, be to get the dog used to being still in the place where you wash it. Then it is important to be kind but firm during the process. It shouldn’t be unpleasant, but your dog shouldn’t learn that you stop as soon as he protests.

Get the washing routine in place already when your dog is a puppy

Puppies usually get dirtier, so it is important to keep an extra eye on their hygiene. But because they are not used to the routines, they are also more difficult to wash. Stick to the washing routine, and it will be easier for both the dog and yourself. In the end, it becomes a fun part of everyday life!

Dog products for your dog

There are many dog ​​products on the market, far more than most people think. Most people know about fur care and skin care for animals , such as shampoo and conditioner. Many are also good at using toothpaste and other oral care for animals . But there are also animal products for eyes and ears , claws, paws and much more for those who want to take the dog salon a step further.

Choose the right dog shampoo and conditioner for your dog

When it comes to dog shampoo and dog conditioner, it’s important to keep in mind that different dog breeds’ fur and skin are different. Dogs with oily fur feel good from certain products, while dogs with dry fur, for example, need to be moisturized. Therefore, it is important to choose fur care and skin care for animals that suit your dog.

Do not use human shampoo on dogs

It can be tempting to use a human shampoo, maybe a product for sensitive skin or an organic one? The idea is good. Unfortunately, it is not good for the dog’s skin and coat. Dogs have a much lower PH value than humans (5.5 compared to humans’ 7.5). Therefore, they feel better from adapted dog products. Choose a dog shampoo (perhaps also dog conditioner?) based on your dog.