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Teeth whitening

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Smiles help us to play nice with people we meet. Bright and sincere smile has a high impact on relations between people. It softens and warmth any situation, it makes a good showing, it can even help you to get higher position in your career. That is why people nowadays are obsessed with the idea to get a Hollywood smile.


According to statistical data, 99.7% adults believe that smile is one of the most valuable social assets. 96% think it has a strong influence on the opposite sex. 74% are sure that you will not succeed in your career if your smile is not attractive. As you can see, the percentage illustrates the value our smile has on our lives.

But what should we consider as an attractive smile? If you ask people about what they would like to improve about their smiles, the most of them will tell you that they want to make it whiter and brighter. All these have become the reason for the appearance of such beauty service as teeth whitening.

When do we need teeth whitening?

Some people just want their smile to shine brightly. Someone is unsatisfied with the staining caused by drinking coffee or tea or smoking cigarettes. Sometimes people want to remove the yellow color, which can be even natural. By the way, did you know that the natural color of our teeth is not white; it is pale yellow. Just like the color of bones. Nevertheless, some factors can cause teeth discoloration and to make our smiles unattractive.

The reasons of teeth discoloration

By lapse of time, our teeth change its color from pale yellow to darker colors. You can clearly see that children have whiter teeth than adults. The reason for that could be the natural aging process, smoking cigarettes, treatment with antibiotics, traumas, colored drinks such as tea, coffee, and cola, and some others. We can say that a tooth yellowing is a natural process no one wants to face. So how can we escape it? Right you are, teeth whitening!

Types of teeth whitening

We can divide teeth whitening into two categories: professional and DIY methods. As it is a serious procedure, we recommend you to choose in-office approach as it is safer for your teeth. Still, if you are interested in DIY methods, let’s focus on the most popular ones.

DIY teeth whitening

The most popular method people use to make their teeth look white is whitening toothpaste. It removes surface stains with special chemical or polishing agents. Toothpaste does not change natural color, so you can use them to restore it.

Whitening strips have become very popular as it is the easiest way to whiten your teeth at home. The bandages should be stuck onto teeth and left for half an hour. You can use whitening strips twice a day, for a week of two.

You can use brush-on whitening as well. All you have to do is to apply gel onto the teeth using a small brush and leave it for the night.

If you want to use some DIY methods, you have to read the instructions carefully not to damage your teeth. If you are not sure about your competence in whitening, you better use in-office approach.

Professional whitening

The professional approach gives us a chance to make our smile brightly white. The high-concentration whitening gels are not safe to use at home, that is why you will probably have to visit a specialist.

Custom-made mouth trays are the only chance to make professional whitening at home. You will have to fill the plastic trays with whitening gel and leave it for a couple of hours.

The in-office process usually involves applying gel onto your teeth for about an hour. Sometimes heat or light source are used to make the bleaching effect more noticeable.

The results of whitening

Regardless of the method used to make your teeth white, the results will fade over the course of time. Usually, the whitening effect lasts from half a year to a year. The result depends on how you take care of your teeth. If you want to make whitening last longer, try to avoid food, drinks, and activities that cause staining. Visit your specialist twice a year to make sure your teeth remain white and bright.

Enjoy your life and smile!


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